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Digitalization, the web, and mobility maximize human's individuality, independence & impatience with unprecedented power and pace.

New consumers call for innovative playing fields (markets), new rules (business models), and new players adding innovative thinking (leadership).

New entrepreneurs create revolutionary, skyrocketing business models and markets, products and services - unmatched by traditional managers, brands, and businesses.

Still too many of them are trapped in now obsolete structures, concepts, and cultures. Too much did they invest in their out-dated beliefs and yesterday's successes.


The corporate minds finally must outgrow themselves and courageously live entrepreneurial independence, brilliance & relevance. - A paradigm shift is overdue!

Together we establish a Distinctive Leadership Thinking and Culture via the evolutionary lead/culture process and its three quite demanding milestones:

I - Awake! - [Friction makes the Sparks]
Awaking the individual's or business’s true talent and assets.

II - Grow! - [Make Yourself Redundant]
Growing individuals into inspiration/leaders - ie. challenge & coach them to outgrow themselves in life and business and let them inspire the world.

III - Inspire! - [Culture is the new Strategy]
Inspiring a culture where every individual and every brand makes a difference every single day - creating value(s) for the consumer and adding value to the corporation.

Leadership Thinking & Culture
[Talent and Change Management]

Leadership Thinking & Culture challenge and coach managers and businesses by mentoring and consulting.

While inspiration/leader prioritizes the individual, intuition/company focusses on growing a shared culture.

Challenging leitmotif are my Golden Rules, leadership questionnaires, and purpose profiles.

Leadership Thinking: inspiration/leader
[growing the individual leadership personality]

Truly successful individuals continuously question and outgrow themselves.
They make themselves redundant!
They inspire others through their role model example.

Together we initiate strategic intuition and visionary thinking - and help you to master your daily small and of course bigger-than-life challenges.

Together we identify your talents and potential, define your individual challenges, and let you finally become your authentic, relevant, and successful self - in life and business.

My Golden Rules from the last 25+ years:

I - Awake! [Be/come Independent]
I Want!

Be Passionate!
Stop Making Sense! - Act! Don't Talk! - Reduce to the Max!

Be Authentic!
Be Concentrated! - Be Consistent! - Be Consequential!

Be Ambitious!
Be a Spark! - Change the Game! - Leave a Mark!

II - Grow! [Be/come Brilliant]
I Can!

Use Your Intellect!
Challenge Yourself! - Question Everything! - Improve Continuously!

Use Your Intuition!
Beginner's Mind! - Empathy! - Pattern Recognition!

Use Your Imagination!
Childlike Curiosity! - Peripheral View! - Synthesis!

III - Inspire (the Next)! [Be/come Relevant]
I Am!

Deliver Context!
Connect with your Future! - ... your Culture! - ... your Nature!

Deliver Wisdom!
Use Insight! - Use Experience! - Use Good Judgement!

Deliver Clarity!
Be Simple! - Be Emotional! - Be Iconic!

To achieve true mastery we have to think holistically: Mastery in business starts with mastery in life. True inspiration/leaders in business are true inspiration/leaders in life, too.

Leadership Culture: intuition/company
[growing an inspiring role model culture]

Every corporation is an amalgam of individuals and brands. They all want to be respected and challenged, want to develop, grow, and self-actualize - united by a vision bigger than the single individual's own.

Together we grow an intuitive corporate culture - creating value(s) and pure purpose by anticipating human's new individuality, independence & impatience.

My Golden Rules from the last 25+ years:

I - Awake the Individual! [Be/come Independent]
I Want!

inspiration/leader Snapshot.
Awake! - Grow! - Inspire (the Next)!

Individual Perspective.
Respect - Feedback - Personal Development Planning

Junior Entrepreneurship.
Empathy - Honesty & Accountability - Innovation Mindset

II - De/Construct Culture! [Be/come Brilliant]
I Can!

Focal Elegance.
Live Future! - Live Consumer! - Live Strategy!

Structural Elegance.
Individual: Behaviour - Team: Physiology - Company: Morphology

Cultural Elegance.
Use Your Intellect! - Use Your Intuition! - Use Your Imagination!

III - Create Pure Purpose! [Be/come Relevant]
I Am!

(Corporate)Culture - Brand - Business

Create Value!
Consumer Value(s) - Company Value(s) - Society Value(s)

Deliver Context! - Deliver Wisdom! - Deliver Clarity!

intuition/company grows the entrepreneurial thinking, structure, and culture to successfully build the future.

Via Distinctive Leadership you grow more ...
efficient, productive, individual, intuitive, empathic,
effective, creative, innovative, visionary, happy, inspiring,
engaging, relevant, distinctive, valuable,
... sustainably successful.

Your Investment?

Just give me a call! Let us talk about your needs:

Individually tailored lead/culture projects

Leadership Basics
(eg. time management, decision making, strategy, lean
thinking, intuition, self management, culture, inspiration)

longterm projects or full-time permanence

All investments plus expenses and VAT. Thank you.

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